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The Group is principally engaged in the production and sale of nonwoven fabric products for use in two main industries: automobile and infrastructure.

Nonwoven Fabrics for Use in Automobiles

The Group’s nonwoven fabric products for use in automobiles can be classified as follows:

For use in automotive floor:

(1)Automotive floor carpet materials

For use in other automotive parts:

(2)Head lining carpet materials; (6)Luggage-side trim carpet materials;
(3)Seat cover carpet materials ; (7)Hubcap carpet materials;
(4)Parcel tray carpet materials; (8) Car-mat materials;
(5) Trunk mat materials; (9)Heat-insulating and deadening felt.

Most of the aforesaid nonwoven fabric products are to be further processed by the Group’s customers for the production of automotive interior decoration items, which are various components to be installed or assembled into an automobile, as illustrated in the diagram below:

Nonwoven Fabrics for Use in Infrastructure:

Since 2009, the Group has been engaging in the production and sales of nonwoven fabric products for use in infrastructure. Nonwoven fabric products used in infrastructure are also known as “civil-work fabric”. The appearances and characteristics of these fabrics do not differ a lot from those used in automobiles. They are mainly used to prevent water erosion or contamination to soil and have wide applications in road works, railways, dams and landfills.